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Accepting birth through 18 years of age

Practice News

  • So...what DO I eat?

    Just visited your provider?  Did they tell you what not to eat?  So, what will your family eat now?  Follow the link for some tips that will help the whole family win the battle of the bulge.
  • Cold? Allergies? Both?

    Nose running...check!  Sneezing...check!  Sleepy...check!  Thinking your child has a cold...not so fast.  Follow the link for more information on allergies.
  • I can't take one more test!!

    With midterms, standardized, and final testing around the corner anxiety will be building.  Follow the link for more information on anxiety signs, syptoms, and treamtments.

Our Staff

Laing Po Han, MD, PhD (Our Founder. Retired)
Dr. Han's Retirement Party
Ericka Alvarado, MA
Kristin Flores, MA
Tabitha Velasquez, MA
Monica Becerra, RN
Helen Liu, RN
Judy Cruz, Administration
Barbara Spencer, Administration
Dr. Beggs Charting With a Patient
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