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  • Help! My child has diarrhea!

    Help! My child has diarrhea! What do I do? Read More!
  • Get your flu shot now!

    Protect your child. Get your flu shots now!
  • Children live what they learn...

    We have all heard the adage that children live what they learn. It’s true. Our kids are watching us every minute whether we think they are doing so or not. We impart all of the good parts of us and the bad parts as well.

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Get your flu shot now!

Influenza season is upon us. Please call to make a nurse appointment to have your child receive a vaccination for the flu now. Influenza causes pneumonia, bronchiolitis and asthma flares. Any child 6 months of age or older should be immunized every winter. Please don't wait. Protect your child. Get your flu shots now!
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